Our Company

GAJO SARL GROUP  is a Leading African Company With Offices in Cameroon And Nigeria

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A Full Flesh Strategy

Thanks to our strateges we also use technologies and power thinking to anticipate in the market

Forward Thinking

We think about the various means through which people can live longer

Problem Solvers

We always try our best within our reach to address the problems of the african population

Customer Support

If we succeed up to date to retain our customers is thanks to our qualified and experience customer service

Our Values

What makes a company of such caliber to stand out in a competitve market is it values and so what we fight for is for this values we have to be maintain

  • Quality of Products 80%
  • Marketing Strategy 60%
  • Experience 90%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Prince Fotso D Ngassa

Prince Fotso D Ngassa


Matthieu Jalabert

Matthieu Jalabert

Directeur Des Ventes

NJOH Yvette

NJOH Yvette

Chief Customer Officer